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All Cops Are Busy!

by Danny Ramirez

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Chorus: I'll make sure all cops are busy Placed an emergency call Sure cops know their job is risky But they won't expect this at all I'll make sure all cops are busy Got enough guns at my house When they turn up and step onto my property We'll have a shoot-out for hours I've called the cops to my address This shoot-out is a work in progress They should be here before long But probably after this song Chorus I keep an eye on the street Cops are the targets I need But I will leave one alive So he can call for more to arrive Chorus 'This is a mid to up tempo and quite catchy tune about a cop hating guy who right before the song started called the emergency line to get some cops to come over to his address. Right now he is waiting for some officers to arrive, with enough guns (and ammo -- although unmentioned in the lyrics) to engage with them in a standoff to last for hours. The song had its live debut on February 10, 2018, and got played regularly for the next year.' Official YouTube video: youtu.be/nmmCKRiQHhY
The cops are convinced they have caught me So I keep a low profile to be free But I'm pretty sure I'm not done I will change my ammo or my gun Chorus: The wrong man hangs (4x) Some evidence points to this guy And more than once he has no alibi They make him confess to my crimes He hopes it will reduce his prison time Chorus 'The title (which is repeated four times in the refrain to form the refrain) I already had since December 2010, and was inspired by the 1921 Gun Alley murder case in Melbourne, Australia. However, for some time I couldn't find the right angle for the verses, and I didn't want to base the entire song on this Australian case either. Eventually -- in September 2016 -- I transposed the original 2014 chords I had in mind and wrote the completely unrelated to the Gun Alley case rest of the lyrics. The words are written from the viewpoint of a serial killer, who notices some other guy has been arrested instead of him. He therefore puts his murderous hobby on hold, and keeps a low profile throughout the song. Musically it's another one with a slight country touch. The song got first played live on February 21, 2018, was done at the ensuing gigs following the All Cops Are Busy! release and still appears on the set list every now and then.'
Chorus: Cops are on my trail 'Cause I broke outta jail So you better get out of my way Distant sirens wail But they're destined to fail Ain't no cop gonna stop my ass today It took quite some time before they knew that I was gone I escaped them prison walls a few hours before dawn And when the news was out the search party was on I headed to a gas station to get some wheels to run Chorus The car I stole was just filled up, I can go on for miles The incident reported to the cops was no surprise Now I try to reach this safe-house I stayed once for a while I have no plans of being caught again and put on trial Chorus Spring 2017 -- while checking which Ramirez songs still were unreleased -- I realized that quite a few of the more recent ones deal with cops in one way or another, like going out to kill and seeing no cops around, keeping a low profile as a serial killer after the cops arrested some innocent dude for your crimes and being on the run from the law as a result of murdering somebody. So I decided to write some more about cops and plan a cop themed release somewhere in 2018. Coincidentally the title for Ain’t No Cop Gonna Stop My Ass Today! bears some similarities to There Ain’t No Cops Around To Stop Me!, but in this case the lyrics tell of a guy who escaped out of prison and now has the cops on his trail. For the somewhat country alike music I used the chords that I originally wrote in August 2009 for I Am Finished When You’ve Died!, which therefore won’t be released.
I load my gun And I'll get high I will get drunk And roam the night I snort some lines Of whatever I need I will be fine Out on the street Chorus: There ain't no cops around to stop me I will forever remain free Even drunk and high on coke or speed They will never get a hold of me 'This slow song tells of a man who takes his gun, snorts some lines, gets drunk and hits the night time streets. The second line of the refrain refers to the feeling of invincibility cocaine can give you, and the fourth line to the elusiveness and the urge to constantly having to be on the move when high on speed. Apparently the protagonist of this song uses either one or the other, depending on which is available. It was on the set list for the first and so far only time on February 21, 2018.'
Last night didn't show the best of me But it's the way it turned out to be Chorus: Now I am on the run from the law Sure I hoped that I would never had To do this but the fact is you are dead Chorus So... In my head this one thought never stops I gotta be smarter than the cops Chorus 'Cause... But I didn't leave unprepared you see And I will use my gun to remain free Chorus While... 'This one Is a country type of song of an upbeat but not fast paced nature. The words tell of a guy who shot someone (apparently somebody close to him) and then went on the run from the law, declaring in the final verse that he will use his gun in order to remain a free man.'


Danny's 2018 EP


released February 8, 2018

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room in August 2011, March and June 2017, and January and February 2018.

Used were a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, nylon D'Addario strings (1.09-0.71 millimetres/.043-.028 inches), a Fender pick from 1983, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed on several dates between 25 January and 8 February 2018 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using Audacity music editor.

YouTube video for I'll Make Sure All Cops Are Busy!:


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Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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