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Back With A Dungeon!

by Danny Ramirez

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These long and dusty roads I traveled Have dug me many shallow graves It's been so many I lost track of And I don't know how much still wait Chorus: I am here to murder and I am here to stay 'Cause when I killed somebody I can't just walk away So I dig a shallow grave in which you will decay It's not a proper burial, but still it's quite okay If I decide your time has come Then I shall make sure it will I take my shovel and my gun This weekend I need time to kill Chorus 'This country tune is about a murderer who takes his shovel with him when he goes out in the weekend. He buries his victims in shallow graves, and claims to have done so on numerous occasions. In the past this song has been played live under its original title I Take The Shovel And Dig Next To Where You're Lain! at all three of Danny's June 2012 acoustic comeback gigs (and possibly at some gigs later in 2012), with its first ever performance on June 1st. In July 2016 the title got changed, and with it one line of the refrain. Although the song wasn't on the set list in 2013, 2014 and 2015, it has been done at almost every Ramirez concert since the Back With A Dungeon!-release.'
Now that you're mine I am doing fine Your name I don't care for I just want some more Chorus: I need some bodies To feel more love I need more bodies I wanna get off It ain't personal, baby But I can't let you be I wanna feel you once more 'Cause most of you I don't care for Chorus There's nothing I love better Than you and I being together I'm in control, you'll do as you're told And whatever you say won't matter Chorus 'Although I already came up with the title in August 2001, the actual song got written in February 2008. While doing so, I took the best part of the lyrics of the October 2002 written It Is Your Life I Will Take! to use it, 'cause the song wasn't eligible for release anyway. I Need Some Bodies! is about a guy keeping a girl in his house on an involuntary basis for obvious reasons, but with no word about killing her whatsoever -- and apparently he's intended on getting some more. This song can be seen as the sort of title track for the Back With A Dungeon!-EP, but never was played at gigs.'
Chorus: Let's do the Mexican standoff All you need is four or more guns Some people and also some sort of Room where no one else will come We don't have no knives We don't even have to take a life It's all about power and control And who has the strongest nerves of all Chorus Eight arms, four guys Eight guns pointed, going left to right Words are our saviour in this war But don't forget to add some 'por favors' Chorus 'The title already popped up in 1999 or 2000, but it took about ten years before I wrote some lyrics around it. A Mexican standoff is a confrontation between two or more parties, in which no participant can proceed or retreat without being exposed to danger, according to my friend Wikipedia. So the words are just about this, with four dudes each pointing two guns at one another and really nothing happening otherwise. For the music I mostly relied on traditional Mexican guitar chord progressions and an occasional lead trumpet throughout the song. It was first (and thus far only) performed live on November 18, 2016.'
Chorus: I've got a low profile job Or maybe I have no work at all I might have dropped out of school And be a convicted sex offender Ninety percent of us are male Our IQ's as high as the bright normal range But we all did poorly in school Have a hard time holding down jobs And we ain't no strangers to substance abuse We come from unstable families With psychiatric and alcoholic histories And often criminal too And we can't get along with our parents 'Cause we still remember our abusive childhood Chorus We have a high rate of suicide attempts And at an early age we got interested In voyeurism and fetishism And sadomasochistic pornography We practice a form of deadly submission Chorus 'Spring 2012 I came across the web site of Dr. Phil and read an article with a list lining out the characteristics of serial killers, which served as the inspiration for this song. Now, I hear you say 'Doctor Phil, what does he know!', but he based his writings on the findings of Robert K. Ressler, a well-respected FBI agent in the 1970s and 1980s who is credited to having coined the term 'serial killer'. Anyway, together with the refrain that I already had come up with in 2011, I did put most of them serial killer characteristics into the lyrics to this mid tempo song. It's been played live once, on November 3, 2012, at an acoustic guitar gig.'


Danny's 2016 'comeback' EP


released August 31, 2016

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room in August 2008, August and October 2011, and August 2016.

Used were a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, nylon D'Addario strings (1.09-0.71 millimetres/.043-.028 inches), a Fender pick from 1983 and some other Fender pick (2008 recording), a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed 2, 21, 28 and 30 August 2016 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using Audacity music editor.


all rights reserved



Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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