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Misanthropicus Fanaticus!

by Danny Ramirez

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I get into a trance and watch the moon rise Obscured by clouds in the night sky I got dope and alcohol by my side And will forget what happens tonight Chorus: Full moon ritual mutilation on dope and alcohol Body parts on my table And a head in the refrigerator I feel the rush of alcohol through my veins And the dope now controls my brain And with no respect for eternal rest I take the knife and distort the flesh Chorus 'As can be concluded from the title, I think this one’s also composed on dope and alcohol. The recordings I made for this song turned out to be pretty good. It’s an uplifting song about degrading a human being. The title is much inspired by the great horrorgoredeath metal band Necrophagia. Full Moon Ritual! was the first one to be recorded for the Misanthropicus Fanaticus!-cd, and was basically the reason to start working on a second full-length. The song has been on every Ramirez live set list since the final version made its live debut on June 1st, 2007, but it may have been played once or twice in 2006 with a different third and fourth line in the second verse.'
Once more Trouble comes a-knockin' out my door I'm on the run with a gun like I've been before I don't stop for no one And nothing ever gets in my way Step aside, or it might just end today Chorus: I reload my gun for the pleasure is mine One of the few willing to cross that line To be part of the elite that decides Who will live on and who's destined to die I don't murder them for their money or gold But for the mere sight of the scene that will unfold It's all in the hand with the gun And it draws the line between life and death So step aside one more time, or take your last breath Chorus 'Kinda the title track of the Reload Your Gun!-cd, but not on it because it was written eight months after the first album release. The lyrics are about a murderer who murders for the thrill of it all, and for the power being one to decide on life and death. Over and over again. It took me some time before I was satisfied with the lyrics and especially with the music, but the song was only performed at Ramirez gigs once or twice (February 23, 2008, and probably June 1, 2007). At the end of the song there’s little twin-guitar part inspired by the Swedish blackened death metal band Dissection. Their guitarist, singer and main composer (as well as a convicted accessory to murder, serving a jail time from 1998 until 2004) Jon Nödtveidt shot his brains out in August 2006, because he thought he had made enough music.'
The KW171 Sailed out in the early morning sun Fishermen they were meant to be Fearing God and the North Sea In the open sea after some days One of the fishermen got insane The axe aboard would bring misery Murder arose from insanity And three were killed on the North Sea The legend tells that the fisherman thought He slaughtered the Devil in the name of the LORD And it is said that he lowered all sails Safely in the hands of God, He won't fail For days and nights they floated on Praying to survive And singing hymns to praise the LORD And his son Jesus Christ Their prayers were heard And let by God's hand The fishing boat washed ashore On the coast of England The streets of Katwick are silent now About what happened ten decades ago Out on sea blood was shed Dead bodies on the upper deck The fishermen went to hell and back 'This one is about the infamous murder case of Katwick at Sea, that happened in September 1915 at the lugger fishing ship KW171. While on the North Sea one of the men apparently thought that the devil was aboard, and he killed some of the others to ward of evil or something. Anyway, the song I recorded about this horror story is a full-blown shanty type of fisherman tune, and features some accordion, a shanty choir consisting of 15 Danny Ramirez's, screeching seagulls and of course the roar of the Mighty Sea itself. Inspiration to write a song like this came after I heard the song Het Bier Zal Weer Vloeien by Dutch pagan metal band Heidevolk. The Axe! has been played in a stripped down version on acoustic guitar at 5-10 Danny Ramirez gigs, with a very early debut performance on April 16, 2005, (just three weeks after the song got written) and the most recent one on November 18, 2016.'
I drive up and down the street Only to pick out the cheap I'll lure you into my car with little money To pay for your daily rush You'll do anyhting for some bucks But today you need relief instead of Class A drugs Now I drive off to a place Where your final sight's my face You're the first dead prostitue in days So this road we took is leading to your corpse And in some time it will (may) be found by cops Murdering you won't take long, I did it before Just blow the gun, become the next dead whore And somewhere deep in the woods I hide your body for good Who will report a missing prostitute? 'This is another second cd song without a refrain. It is a little bit faster than I'll Live And Die In Sin! that is on this cd as well, but more or less in the same vein. Lyrically it's about some guy in his car picking up prostitutes and murdering them somewhere near the woods, with part of the lyrics taken from the July 2002 song I Will Lure You Into My Car With Little Money!. Similar to the modus operandi of the I'll Live And Die!-song character the victim is buried soon after. He chooses a place deep in the woods to do so, asking himself: 'Who will report a missing prostitute?'. The song has been performed in concert a few times, both on acoustic guitar (2007?-February 15, 2008, and again on November 18, 2016) and with an instrumental backing (August 8, 2009).'
I am dressed as a cop, then I will take over And make you to stop, and then you pull over My right hand goes down To where I wear my gun I walk up to your car while you're in it waiting It's just a few yards, you're anticipating Although I walk slow I'll end up at your window Chorus: There's no reason no to trust me So you don't bother asking my ID But I did load my gun and I will use it too And I kill your passenger and you You put your carwindow down, and I'm at the other side Then you ask with a frown what you didn't do right But (And) then I say: You can only do wrong today Before you realize, I take my gun Then you freeze to ice, and so does the other one And that's the end For you and your girlfriend Chorus: There seemed no reason no to trust me So you didn't bother asking my ID Well, I had gun and I will use it too And it's all over for the both of you 'I still remember that I wrote this song in a very drunken state in late March 2005, and it only took me one hour and 18 minutes to complete it. Later I changed some words in the lyrics, but only in the first two lines ’cause the English wasn’t all that. It is about a murderer dressed as a cop, and of course people in cars stop for people dressed as cops so it is clear what happens in the song, innit? Wrong Today! was done live about five times from probably August 6, 2005, till April 19, 2008.'
With my knife still in your back I observe the result of the attack You are dying in the mud Slowly losing more and more blood Chorus: I still have my gun I will have my fun Firing more than once 'Till I'm sure you're done But first I remove the knife Then I clean it and wipe it dry You are moaning at my feet Adding fuel to my murderous needs Chorus Now I put the knife away And prepare for your dying day To end your barely living hell I reach the point I know too well Chorus 'The lyrics for this one are about a killer who stabs his victim in the back, with the dying victim apparently face down in the mud. To finish him or her off he uses his gun, which sounds after the slow song has ended. It's never been done live.'
His names are too many to mention He comes unto man in all forms Not even to be recognized by the shape of his horns He's called upon me again Soon I will know where and when The war on the righteous will begin Chorus: It is the Night of the Horned One With bloodloss and murder to come Having no will but to kill on and on Making it last until dawn When you're one of his you will know And Into Darkness you'll go Driven by fires burning deep below And when the Dark Age arrives Under the Sign we will ride The hell pointing pentagram banner held high Chorus 'Some fine lyrics about The Devil without mentioning even one his Unholy Names. The song probably has the most metal lyrics of the entire Ramirez repertoire. It is the best song about the Goatlord that I wrote between April 2002 and November 2004, and it’s also the only one, haha. Horned One! first appeared on the acoustic set list on April 3, 2004, and has been played live around 20 times until July 19, 2014. This includes Ramirez gigs using an instrumental backing, at which it was regularly done. After many years Horned One! was played again on April 17, 2022.'
A Funeral Moon hangs in the sky Time for you to say goodbye This is where your nightmare starts And where it falls apart You think I don't, but yet I care I acre about the time we share And with some booze and THC Soon you'll be asleep You will die by my hand There's no future here You will come to your end and Lose all you do hold dear And now you're dead, you won't be found You will be seen no more around I take my car, take your remains To bury them some place Your Funeral Moon has risen high Its light shines in your staring eyes I dig the hole and throw you in I'll live and die in sin 'For some reason I decided to record four songs with no refrain for the second Ramirez cd, this being one of them. The first line refers to Darkthrone's Funeral Moon (1993 album Under A Funeral Moon), 'cause this slow song tells the story of a murderer who sedates his victims at his home with booze, then kills them, and afterwards puts the remains in his car to bury them on a moonlit night. It's been done live a few times, both on acoustic guitar (2007?-February 23, 2008) and with an instrumental backing (August 8, 2009).'
The full moon stood still on that fatal night Reflecting from the blade that slid inside You never know what had hit you Over and over again Didn't knew (know) death would take you there and then Chorus: May your remains rest forever Right on the place where you died And may your soul go to heaven And your family be alright A blood-red silence filled the deep dark night A lifeless scene of death shone upon by the moonlight You're never to stand up again Forever face down in the sand Never knew death would take you there and then Chorus + But I guess you'll be eaten by scavengers And be gone by daylight 'A dark, moonlit night and a hillside form the scenery to these lyrics that are about an unexpected murder by stabbing the victim to death. The poor guy never saw it coming. Although his soul might go to heaven, his human remains will be eaten by animals out in the wild. The song was played in concert about 10 times from from April 3, 2004, until February 23, 2008. On the studio recording for the 2007 Danny Ramirez cd I added some Commercial Untrue Black Metal influences by parodying Cradle Of Filth in the title-line, so the singer of that ten words would be Dani Ramirez, or of course Danny Filth. The rest of the band (drums, bass guitar, keys) comes from the keyboard, and I added some real played electric guitar, of course commercially mixed down to somewhere in the background.'
Chorus: I drug you and I'll take you home You'll be unconscious before you know It's onto the attic you go Where pretty soon your ordeal will unfold I go around the bars late at night Looking for someone to submit to my might I'm just there for a talk you think But when you look away I put some highly addictive (sedative) sleeping pill in your drinks Chorus I have some friends that will join in For the humiliation to begin Sedated yet held up in chains You live your life until the time I load a gun and cut off your days Chorus 'Though most of my lyrics are somewhat brutal lyrics, this one is very somewhat brutal. It’s about a guy picking up chicks from bars after he’d put some sleeping pills in their drinks. Of course the drugged victim ends up on the attic to play a leading role in the terrible events that are about to unfold. Later on the victim gets shot. The murder doesn’t take place during the song, but the lyrics tell of the fact that eventually this will happen. I Drug You! was done at about 20 gigs from November 15, 2002, until February 15, 2008, but hasn't been played live since. With Full Moon Ritual On Dope And Alcohol! and It Is The Night Of The Horned One! it nonetheless remains one of the most often performed Misanthropicus Fanaticus! songs.'
Death follows me Since 1973 Many ones I've lost Life's punishment is way too much Now what's a man to do When ev'ry one he knows is due To leave in the end Reliving memories of dead friends The gift of life comes with a price That no money can buy You can't escape ev'ry man's fate When you live you will die The dark shadow of death One time crossed my path And it will not leave Until the end is there for me 'It seems I wrote most of the refrainless second cd songs in late 2006, 'cause here is the last one of them (the fourth one being The Axe Aboard Would Bring Misery! from March/April 2005). This is another slow one, and it deals with the shadow of death hanging over every one's life. It's not 100% certain if this song has ever been played in concert, but if so most likely only once: either in June 2007 or November 2012.'
There is reason to believe life will be erased From the face of the Earth by an asteroid from Space It will be biblical for those who live to tell It must be great to watch you all go to hell Chorus: Mankind must die Cultures must vanish No more delay Collide and end it There is reason to believe we will stand no chance To a rock that finally destroys man and his arrogance Mass destruction's at our doorstep and we're unaware That if we notice it, it is already there Chorus ''Originally titled Collide And End It!, Mankind Must Die! deals with the collision of an asteroid or other natural celestial object of significant proportions with Planet Earth. It's quite an up tempo song, of which the cd version ends with a huge explosive impact. Mankind! has been played live twice: June 3, 2007, and February 15, 2008.
The night falls again, I leave my den Out in the shadows I am the menace That comes to you when there's no moon From out of the dark I will stop your heart Chorus: There ain't no descriptions or mugshots of me I've never been caught and I never will be I keep unnoticed and so I am free To rule the night by the powers of hatred and weaponry It ain't the weapon that kills a human It is the on in control that sets the goal And in the night I take the right To kill you and then escape again Chorus 'Intended for the Misanthropicus Fanaticus! album, but -- with already 12 other tracks scheduled for the cd -- this up tempo song didn't make it to the final track listing. I was thinking of releasing it as the album's bonus track for my Japanese fans, but nobody in Japan ordered the cd. So many years later I decided to add it as a bonus track to the April 2017 Bandcamp online release. The lyrics are about a hateful dude taking cover by darkness to kill by gun, and keeping out of police records and jail so far. The song has never been played at a gig.'


Danny's second cd. Originally a 12 song album, track 13 was added as a bonus title to this Bandcamp online release of April 2017.


released May 21, 2007

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room in March 2005, August, October, November and December 2006, and January and March 2007.

Used were a Yamaha MT100II 4-track cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, D'Addario strings (1.09 to 0.71 millimetres/.043 to .028 inches), a black and white 'tiger print' striped electric Hohner guitar (model 'SR Heavy'), Ernie Ball strings (.042 to .009 inches), a Jim Dunlop pick, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed and mastered 3, 4, 5, 10 and 29 March 2007 by DJ and Danny himself, at M123 studio in Leiden, the Netherlands.


all rights reserved



Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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