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Reload Your Gun!

by Danny Ramirez

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You never caused me any sorrow You never caused me any pain But right now that all doesn't matter 'Cause I am, well I'm not quite sane Chorus: Baby, soon I'll take your life With a gun or with a knife But please don't think it's for a reason, or two I just have got no better things to do You never caused me any sorrow You never caused me any pain But right now that all doesn't matter 'Cause I am what others call insane Chorus 'One of my favourite tunes and the second one I came up with. The song is written in the night of 2 to 3 June 1998. It’s very Elvis alike and as for the lyrics I’d get a bit inspiration from Prince. The song is actually a love song sung by a not quite sane killer, implying the lyrics are about the vague line between love and hate rather than a troubled relationship being the reason for the murder. Except for about 15 gigs the song has been played at every Ramirez show from April 1999 until February 2019, with less frequent live performances since.'
I enter your house by surprise The flash of my blade blinds your eyes I come for your life in the night Only to leave after you've died Chorus: There's a serial killer on the losse That's what they say on the television news Striking wherever I choose, whenever i choose It is society I hate Directing my vengeance at night, when it's late I don't feel sorry for no one It's life itself that treated me wrong How many more lives do I have to take Before society finally awakes I take the lives of the innocent away They no longer live to see the day Chorus 'The lyrics to this song (played live at about 10 gigs from May 4, 2002, until somewhere in 2006 or 2007, and done again at a gig on November 18, 2016 -- a few days after the Reload Your Gun! CD was uploaded to Bandcamp) refer to a guy that is driven by a vengeful feeling towards human beings caused by modern-day society. As a result he starts killing people by breaking into their houses at night (much like Richard Ramirez). In the chorus he states that he has no regrets for anyone, and blames his murderous mindset on the way he feels life has treated him in the past.'
This is a song for the strong arm of the law For never crossing my path They're never around when I murder at dawn And they only arrive when I've left The signs in the sky show clear That the time to spill blood draws near Before the night is done you'll hear the shots from a gun Dead by the rise of the sun This is a song for the cops on the streets They never do stand in my way When I dress to kill and feel the need To use a knife and end a life today To murder in broad daylight Does satisfy me even more than to kill in the night Deadly stabs in the back I'll make sure you won't survive the attack 'The inspiration for this lyrics came from the 22 Caliber Killer who even killed in broad daylight, but managed to escape for quite a long time. It’s written in the ‘I’-form, so the song is not about this 1980 racist murderer nor it is about Danny himself, but only about the police arriving too late at ev’ry damn crime scene going on. As for the music this song has four different guitar parts, making it the Danny Ramirez song with the most riffs. Performed live at a dozen gigs during 2002-2005, with a one-off live comeback on November 18, 2016.'
Though I ain't no singing psycho killer My therapist he tells me something's different He seems afraid that I will go mad But I don't see no reasons for that The movies I watch should be banned To protect society and the government The books I read contain doubtful contents About murdering while shutting off your conscience Chorus: I used to skin my cats when I was young Some time later I started with arson Along the way I bought me some guns That I own to show off and to hunt And though all of my neighbours disappeared Underneath my house there's really nothin weird One might say I'm quite a normal person Just forget about the animals and arson Chorus 'The lyrics of I Used To Skin! don’t tell about murder, but are about some guy who showed similar behaviour in his younger years as much of today’s serial killers did when they were young. The person in the song knows he’s been killing his neighbours and buried them underneath his house, but he denies it. The music, vocal melody and overall atmosphere remind me a bit of a French chanson. Although Skin My Cats! has been done much live since its debut performance on June 29, 2002, in later years I sometimes skipped it. For instance, it wasn't played at all at the Misanthropic Winter! 2008 gigs. But on April 19, 2008, the song returned on the set list and has been on most of them since.'
I drug you with tequilas so you won't realize That I poisoned your tortillas and you're about to die Death needs no invitation, he comes 'round without warning And when he knocks on your door, I'll gladly let him in Chorus: No siesta won't save you In fact, it's the last nap you will do You're dying by the food Exclusively cooked for you No siesta won't save you In fact, it's the last nap you will do You're dying at my feet Full of poisoned meat “Riva riva andale” is what you were used to say But since you don't say nothing, this ain't your Lucky Day You're coming to an end, just like this ditty does So for the sake of sing alongs, the refrain is coming up Chorus 'This is Ramirez goes Mexico and it’s always well received at my gigs, though the brilliant trumpets that introduce the song and return later on are absent in live situations. While writing the song I had some trouble writing the lyrics but it’s all right as it is, and in the final verse I even included a reference to the 1986 western comedy ¡Three Amigos! (in which Steve Martin played Lucky Day). No Siesta! is about poisoning a Mexican with tortillas. His favourite meal. And speaking of it I also am a great Mexican Food addict. When I recorded this song for Reload Your Gun! I slightly changed the arrangement. For some reason I’m not able to sing the original 1998 vocal melody of the refrain as it was recorded for the second Danny Ramirez tape any longer, so I had to use a different guitar chord. Frankly there hasn’t really changed much, just half a note. No Siesta! was first heard live at Danny's first gig (April 2, 1999), and -- except for December 24, 1999 -- has been played at every show since.'
Unlike the facts they assume in the newsflash on tv Or what you might read in press reports There's always a reason to kill as you please But it's illegal and besides it's against the law Chorus: There always will be a motive for murder And that's the satisfaction for oneself The thrill of the kill, to be the usurper And separate the living from the dead The night is at hand and a full moon ascends When you feel the need to end someone's days The gun in your hand is your only friend The moon above your head will lead the way Chorus 'Dutch television was the inspiration for this song. When a murder occurs and the police states there apparently is no reason, they simply forget about ‘the thrill of the kill’, which is reason enough for someone to take a life. Even if the victim had no real enemies and was not crime related. Motive For Murder! was played live 5-10 times from June 29, 2002, until somewhere in 2004, while it was also done at two gigs singing along with the Reload Your Gun! cd on August 15, 2004, and April 29, 2005. It briefly reappeared on the set list on February 15, 2008. As for facts that nobody is interested in, I’d like to add that the rough title and the idea for this song were created in July 2000 for DeathCult, a one-man band black metal project I was doing at the time. The lyrics about murdering without a motive were written for the project, but a song was never composed around them. So I decided to use some of the lines in this Danny Ramirez song.'
Chorus: I have got killing spree fever tonight I shoot ev'ryone that cross my sight I don't care if you're wrong or right I just hate ev'rybody tonight I have got killing spree fever tonight I shoot ev'ryone that cross my sight I don't care if you're black or white I just hate ev'rybody tonight When I was still a little boy I didn't have a lot of toys So with the guns I now have I'm gonna hit the streets and cause a lot of death Chorus See, I'm an ordinary guy But I'm the one to make you die So with my shotgun and my fire power I will cause a bloody blasting bullet shower Chorus 'After this song was first recorded (in 1998), it wasn’t released. The original recording is a sort of up-tempo Elvis song, complete with drums but I wasn’t too satisfied with this version. Only in 2001 I recorded a second, acoustic version ’cause I thought it would be wrong to leave it unknown to the fans. The lyrics tell about some guy hitting the streets, hating ev’rybody that night and firing away in a killing spree. It’s very much inspired by Elvis, and has been on almost all of Danny's set lists since it was first done live on June 29, 2002, until February 16, 2019, but gets played less frequently nowadays.'
Chorus: You know I got Satan in my blood It's for a good cause to be hated by men and god That's why I've got the blackest of all blood My 'soul' once will be ablaze When I descend into the sea of flames Until that beautiful burning day You'll get to know my misanthropic ways Chorus I despise the god that created life It's a mockery combined with lies The only thing that really thrives Is the feeling of contempt growing inside Chorus 'This is another Ramirez cut in praise of the devil, which all have to be viewed upon as ‘entertaining Satanism’. Although the music sounds quite cheerful, the words despise god, life and mankind. I’m not like that all the time, but a certain side of me is. Especially when I’m sober this side sees chance to come crawling out of my mind. So one can say that I got Satan in my blood when there’s no alcohol in it. Toward the end of the song on the 1999 tape the words are replaced by a catchy humming part for all to hum along. The cd version is almost one minute shorter, because on the Satanic!-tape it goes on and on and on. Up from December 31, 1999, Satan! has been on most of the set lists, but it tends to get played less since September 2016.'
Chorus: When I feel the urge to kill There is no returning 'Cause I know there's blood to spill And all I feel is the yearning No one knows what it feels like This grim resentment inside I'm about to lose my mind The time is right to murder tonight I don't feel (have) no compunction 'Cause what I lack is a conscience And I really have no option For bloodlust dwells within my unconscious Chorus 'The words of this song are slightly based upon quotes by murderers Arthur Shawcross and Richard 'The Ice Man' Kuklinski. I used those words to write a slow song around them, and came up with the rest of them lyrics myself. Urge To Kill! is one of my favourite songs, ’cause of the feeling of despair that lies within the chords, melodies and lyrics that fits the song very well. Initially the song wasn’t planned to be part of the track listing of the Reload Your Gun!-cd, but I kept on hearing it in my head. March 12, 2002, the decision was made to replace the intended cd track I Am The Singing Psycho! with this one, and a couple of days later it got recorded. It was first heard in concert in 2002, and performed live regularly for quite some years. Gradually the song got played less often, but it was done at most of the Winter Dungeon! gigs of 2016-2017 and returned on the setlist in 2021.'
I am the reason for you to be I'll come for you when you least expect me I watch all of your very moves You're not aware that I follow you Or perceive me coming for you too I am the nightmare you once dreamt I am the grave in which you will end I will lead you through the final door I'm all you never hoped for And nothing you ever lived for I can change your life forever And bring your perception to a different level I have the possibility and I'm (am) willing to End your days before you could Do the things you always wanted to 'This is a song about death, without mentioning it. I especially like the phrase ‘I Can Change Your Life Forever And Bring Your Perception To A Different Level’, the first two lines of the last verse. Once it was recorded I was very pleased with the result and decided to put it on the first cd as well. I recorded a new version for the cd though. Reason! was done at about 10-15 gigs in 2002-2005. More than 10 years later the song was on the set list again on November 18, 2016.'
Chorus: There should be some dead bodies for you to know I am out there For without dead bodies no one will be aware Of the fact there's someone out there with (a) murderous intent Ready to spread terror and fear across the land I make my plans in secrecy So no one would suspect That I will bring you misery And be the cause of your unforeseen death Chorus There's no one to tell When finally I will Unleash my forces from hell And turn to the first one to kill 'Watching a television program about serial killers it came to me that it of course only is possible to arrest a becoming lust murderer when the first killings already have taken place. This ‘obvious knowledge’ inspired the title to this song. It’s a melodic song with a sort of happy drive. The funny thing about the lyrics is that there’s no murder happening at all, but there are certainly some preparations made to eventually do so. First performed at Danny's comeback show on February 22, 2002 (with the song written about 5 weeks before), but only done live accompanied by a guitar a few times afterwards until somewhere in 2003, with its final performances done on August 15, 2004, and April 29, 2005, at gigs singing along with the Reload Your Gun! cd.'
Chorus: I hope you die in a freak accident I hope you die in a freak accident Your life ain't worth shit I've had enough of it I hope you die in a freak accident Your wheels have been running for much too long Down the roads of life But when you drive the country roads It ain't hard to survive Well, there will come a day or night Your death car will arrive And the highway you're on then You won't leave alive Chorus You drive like crazy, you're lost in stress You're running out of time You're always late, yeah way too late To see the traffic lights Why would you stop if it's good for your car And better for your life Just drive on through, underneath a truck You will be just fine Chorus 'This one is somewhat different from the other lyrics, because it’s about getting irritated by motorists driving through a red light while driving in your car or on your bike or moped on a crossing lane through the green one. All rules are made to be broken, except for the rules in traffic. After I Hope You Die! had become the biggest hit on the first Ramirez tape, I decided to record it again for Reload Your Gun! because the song is one of the favourite sing alongs at Ramirez gigs, and has been the final song on the regular set list since Danny first started performing live on April 2, 1999. However, in a surprising turn of events after May 14, 2022, Freak Accident was removed from the set list.'


Danny's first cd


released August 23, 2002

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room, in October and November 2001, and March and April 2002.

Used were a Yamaha MT100II 4-track cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, an acoustic Stagg guitar of Chinese origin, D'Addario strings (1.09 to 0.71 millimetres/.043 to .028 inches), Fender and Jim Dunlop picks, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a cheap microphone.

Mixed and mastered 24 and 25 April 2002 by Deef and Danny himself, at M123 studio in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Cover pic and artwork by Jack.


all rights reserved



Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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