Songs About Death In A​-​minor!

by Danny Ramirez

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Danny's 2000 tape


released December 4, 2000

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room, in August 1999 and October and November 2000.

Used were a Yamaha MT100II 4-track cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, D'Addario strings (1.09 to 0.71 millimetres/.043 to .028 inches), Fender and Jim Dunlop picks, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a cheap microphone.

Mixed 9 and 12 November 2000 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder and a JVC KD-A2 cassette deck. Digitalized 25 October 2016, using 2 tracks of a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder and Audacity.

Cover: The Dance of Death woodcut by Michael Wolgemut, from the Liber Chronicarum (1493) by Hartmann Schedel.



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Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlanda, who started June 2, 1998! He plays acoustic songs with lyrics about the darker side of the mind and mankind! Back With A Dungeon! is his first release since a 2012 online compilation Ramirez song! Over the years Danny released the 2016 download, a X-mas download EP, 3 full-length CD's, 7 tapes and 1 DVD, and was on 4 compilation albums! ... more

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Track Name: What Will Be Left For Hell To Burn?
One won't be able to cast out
The lust for death inside of me
Raging on and defining my nature
Defining the way of this life
I've sworn to endure
Until flames purify what will be left for hell to burn

Once I was able to comply with
The joy for life I felt within
But those times have gone for many a year
Leaving to die all reason
And granting me this expiring life
For flames to purify what will be left for hell to burn

‘This one is the first Danny Ramirez song with a question mark instead of an exclamation mark at the end of the title. Due to the fine lyrics, What Will Be Left? sounds damn serious. The words deal with the fact that I don’t have a soul, since the soul isn’t scientifically proven and as far as I’m concerned there is just no reason for such a concept. Basically this song could be seen as a follow-up to I Deserve To Burn!, that concludes the previous tape (released in October 1999). What Will Be Left? is the opening track of the Songs About Death In A-minor!-tape, from December 2000 -- a release with serious, somewhat uncomfortable lyrics and all songs starting off with an A-minor chord. This slow song was written and recorded on Tuesday 31 August 1999 in a certain state of mind, caused by the use of speed and xtc throughout the weekend before. The final mix consists of the original guitar and vocal tracks recorded on that inspiring depressive day. The backing vocals were done in November 2000, when What Will Be Left? had turned out to be the herald for the making of the Songs About Death!-tape. Done live only a few times.’
Track Name: I Am The Reason For You To Be!
I am the reason for you to be
I'll come for you when you least expect me
I watch all of your very moves
You're not aware that I follow you
Or perceive me coming for you too

I am the nightmare you once dreamt
I am the grave in which you will end
I will lead you through the final door
I'm all you never hoped for
And nothing you ever lived for

I can change your life forever
And bring your perception to a different level
I have the possibility and I'm (am) willing to
End your days before you could
Do the things you always wanted to

‘This is a song about death, without mentioning it. I especially like the phrase ‘I Can Change Your Life Forever And Bring Your Perception To A Different Level’, the first two lines of the last verse. Once it was recorded I was very pleased with the result and decided to put it on the first cd as well. I recorded a new version for the cd though. Reason! was done regularly at gigs in 2002-2006, and maybe until June 2007. After about 10 years the song was on the set list again on November 18, 2016.’
Track Name: Why Should We Live Forever After We Died?
Since birth is the start of things that cease to be
I guess there's no question about how our spirits will fly free
(But) the soul is the lie we've hung unto throughout history
For there's just no reason for it to exist basically

Why should we live forever after we died
Apparently we're not satisfied with just one life
It must be the decline of the (all) human ways
Greed reaches beyond the grave

It's getting even more absurd this fake (false) realization
Some people are convinced they're part of reincarnation
It's an emotional shortage in a serious situation
For to be a lifeless body is our only destination


‘The second song with a question mark. Notice the wonderful guitar solo halfway this relaxed song. The lyrics deal with the fact that the belief in the soul and the belief in reincarnation both are too obvious examples of the greed of man. People always want more and though in their hearts they know they only live once, they do want a second life. Done at Ramirez shows a couple of times, with its most recent performance date being April 19, 2008.’
Track Name: I Mourn For Your Life And I Mourn For Mine!
I mourn for your life and I mourn for mine
Our names will be forgotten, we will be vanquished by time
We yearn for prestige, we think we're doing fine
But listen carefully, and hear the death bell chime

With ev'ry passing year our final hour's getting near
With ev'ry step we take we march onto the day we fear
The Grim Reaper casts his shade over moments of cheer
Just listen carefully, the toll of death's bell you will hear

It's near at hand, the hour will come
We must admit that time has won
The winds of death, they blow our way
Mocking ev'ry word we say
We are no match, we can't compete
We're heading towards our defeat
The road we're on is going down
Going down

I mourn for your life and I mourn for mine
Our names will be forgotten, we will be vanquished by time
We yearn for prestige, we think we're doing fine
But listen carefully, and hear the death bell chime

‘This is the last track of the Songs About Death!-tape. The Shadow of Death haunts the guitar chords in this song and near the end the Bell of Death is chiming underneath the sounds of a chilling guitar improvisation over the famous first line of Chopin's Marche Funèbre (written in 1837). The lyrics are about how we all must live with the constant certainty that no matter what we do, we’re on a highway towards the grave or the crematory. Time conquers all, undoing everything we accomplished in life. The first tape, the first cd, the audio part of the One Day-dvd and the Songs About Death!-tape are the only releases of which Danny has played all songs live. I have to add that -- except for I Am The Reason For You To Be!, which also appeared on the first cd -- the Songs About Death!-tape tracks only were on the set list a handful of times each, but I Mourn! was performed in concert as recently as September 10, 2016.’