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X​-​mas Time With Danny Ramirez!

by Danny Ramirez

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It's X-mas time, Santa's here again But this year his mood is kinda bad His gun and his ammo are his only friends He's only giving presents to the dead Chorus: Santa Claus is on the loose Santa Claus has paid his dues Now it's bloody payback X-mas time Bloody snow covers the sreets And in the night a church bell bloody chimes Santa Claus, his name rings a bell But he's not the same guy as before 'Cause this year he's giving us hell Killing since December 24 And forcing his way in through each door Chorus 'Most of the mid (to up) tempo chords pattern was taken from the traditional known by Rock 'n' Roll Children as Gloria, In Excelsis Dio, which makes for a pretty uplifting song. Nonetheless, the words tell of a year when Santa arrives in a bad mood, calling for 'bloody payback christmas time' and giving us hell. It's been done live once, at an instrumental backing gig in Rotterdam on December 3, 2011.' YouTube video: youtu.be/f77XRpT3Q94
Chorus: Satan is coming to town Santa's nowhere to be found Satan is coming to town And Santa is not around It's the season of the year People enjoy the atmosphere So sit around the X-mas tree And sing this song along with me Chorus Snow falls down, spirits are high Santa rides across the sky But Santa's ride is going down Satan's forces rule this town Chorus 'The title is a play-on-words on the 1934 christmas song Santa (Claus) Is Coming To Town. It's about a town in christmas time that gets overtaken by Satan's Forces, while Santa's flying reindeer sleigh is going down. The "jingle bells"-singing may be a bit too much and on the whole this song is somewhat overproduced, but since the digital recording track files no longer exist, there's nothing to do about this anymore.'
When Jesus was born Jesus was born to die His death on the cross was the reason He was alive Snow fell in Bethlehem during that X-mas night But shepherds and sheep alike still slept outside Chorus: Jesus Christ was born, you see To fulfil the prophecy Christ Himself had to agree That He would die for you and me A choir of angels was heard across the land I guess they knew all the details of God's Plan That Jesus was born to die for all of man But God and His Plan also seemed to have died since then Chorus 'Ever since X-Mas Night Is A Damn Cold Night To Die! got written in October and November of 1998, Danny had been dabbling on and off with the idea of recording a real X-mas release. In 2011 finally he thought of it in time, but still had to write three more songs and with the release date already set for four weeks later he had to hurry up! This was the first song that was written for it, and musically it is based on a traditional christmas tune. The lyrics are about the fullfilling of the prophecy that got revealed in the Old Testament, and how God's plan somehow seemed to have watered down. The mid to up tempo song has been done live once, which was on December 3, 2011 -- singing along with an instrumental backing.' YouTube video: youtu.be/myE0RH6wAkc
Outside the house the snow gently falls Children are playing and in the distance a church bell tolls It's a pity you can't enjoy the scene 'Cause I already killed you on X-mas eve Chorus: X-mas eve is a damn cold night to die Your family's X-mas dinner will taste sour for years to come X-mas eve is a damn cold night to cry The coldest night to lose your one and only beloved one I take your corpse into the winter wonderland And in the woods I turn your body into a dead snowman The freezing Winter cold will let you from decay So you will turn up again during early Springtime days Chorus 'I recorded this song late 1998 for reasons of promotion under its original title X-mas Eve Is A Perfect Night To Die!. The word on the street is that it has been played on one or two local radio stations around that time. The lyrics start off as a sort of average christmas song, but at the end there's a missing person who’s in a frozen state buried in the forest. The music has all kinds of christmas stuff in it, like bells and an angel’s choir. In 2001 the word ‘Perfect’ in the title was reconsidered and changed to ‘Proper’ for commercial reasons, but in 2002 that word was replaced with ‘Damn Cold’ because it sounded better and it fits the story about a frozen corpse and the overall christmas Winter feel. X-mas Eve! was the very first Ramirez song played live, as it opened Danny's first gig on April 2, 1999. It's also been performed on December 24, 1999.'


Danny's X-mas EP


released November 24, 2011

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room, in October and November 2011.

Used were a Yamaha MT100II 4-track cassette recorder, Music Editor Free, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, D'Addario strings (1.09 to 0.71 millimetres/.043 to .028 inches), a Fender pick from 1983, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed on several dates between 17 and 23 November 2011 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder and Music Editor Free.


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Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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