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Highway Of Tears!

by Danny Ramirez

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Many women vanish Since five decades now Where this doomed road can it Adds to the body count Chorus: This ill-fated highway loves the dead Feeds on blood and thrives on final breath And although some serial killers have Been arrested Tears still are shed Dozens of innocent victims Since 1970 Over a limited distance In Canada’s BC Chorus 'October 19, 2019, I had come up with and written down the chord progressions and vocal melodies for the verses and chorus of a yet to be composed song about the Highway of Tears in British Columbia in West-Canada. Four months later I came across the notes of this idea for about the third time since I wrote them down, and decided to give this mid tempo song some lyrics that blame the highway itself. The song was played live for the first time on September 22, 2022.'
Longing drive and lonely road ahead Dead of night the time where it’s at Down this highway many tears were shed Today you may have seen your final sunset Hitchhiking’s your means of getting ‘round Put your trust in the first car to be found That offers you a ride to the next town Along this BC Highway burial ground 450 miles And no end in sight The only thing to end here is your life Longing drive and lonely road ahead Dead of night the time where it’s at Down this highway many tears were shed Today you may have seen your final sunset Murder victim dumped into a ditch It will take some days before you're missed 'This first verse of this a slow and moody song, was the first one written for the Highway Of Tears! online EP. At first the lyrics tell of a mobile serial killer who seems to be driven by and attracted to the notoriety of this particular West-Canadian highway, but they quickly take a more general approach. The final notes of the electric lead guitar are a nod to the guitar solo in the Ween song Buenas Tardes Amigo, released on their 1994 album Chocolate And Cheese.'
Chorus: People say there are inherent dangers When it comes to picking up strangers But the same thing can be said For Highway 16’s dead Without a ride and hitchhiking instead Dead bodies are found along the road From Prince George to the BC west coast Some hitchhikers were never seen again Way too soon they met their journey’s end Chorus Many die and there’s no one to say If and where a killer strikes today Families cry, their pain will last for years Don’t ever hitchhike the Highway of Tears Chorus 'The title for this one I got on February 21, 2020, while watching a video on YouTube about why people in the U.S. don’t hitchhike that much anymore, and I thought it would fit well on the Highway of Tears release. Eleven days later I came up with some slow music that inspired a vocal melody for the words in the title. The title is reflected in the picking of the strings. In turn, the string picking and open endings of the verses are inspired by Amigo The Devil’s Hell And You. It is no coincidence that I just had played a support for Amigo when I came up with the music for this song. Inherent Dangers! had its live debut on September 22, 2022.'
The years have been unforgiving Since you were last seen Some hours before you went missing Along highway 16 Chorus: You were never to return After you left home And more reason for concern ’s that you don’t answer your phone The road is lined with memorials To those who've lost their lives And although this highway’s notorious It’s humans that caused their demise Chorus: You were never to return After you left town And more reason for concern ’s no remains were found Disappeared without a trace With a fate unclear One more missing persons case Added to the Highway Of Tears 'On April 8, 2020, I suddenly started to play a slow chord progression that sounded way too serious to be ending up as a regular Ramirez song. So right away I decided I would have to use it for the release about the Highway of Tears that I had planned some time earlier. To write lyrics with the right angle considering the seriousness of the music took until July though, when I basically did the most obvious and decided to take the viewpoint of the ones left behind.'


Danny's 2022 EP.

The Highway of Tears (also known as Highway 16) is a highway in British Columbia in Canada, along which dozens of women have disappeared or been found murdered since 1970. Many people in this part of Canada can’t afford a car and public transport is limited, leaving hitchhiking the most common way to travel. More on the Highway of Tears at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Highway_of_Tears


released September 15, 2022

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room in September 2020 and March 2022, with some additional recording dates in July, August and September 2022.

Used were a Studiomaster ClubXS6+ mixing desk, a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder, Audacity music editor, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, nylon D'Addario strings (1.09-0.71 millimetres/.043-.028 inches), a black and white 'tiger print' striped electric Hohner guitar (model 'SR Heavy'), Ernie Ball strings (.042 to .009 inches), a Fender pick from 1983, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed on several dates from June until September 2022 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using Audacity music editor.


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Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands and the guitar player for stonerdoom band Toner Low! Besides playing morbid folk he has some one-man bands as well (a.o. The Surfdales), but most of his releases are Ramirez EPs! He did solo gigs in the Netherlands, Finland, France and Germany, and played with a.o. Amigo The Devil, Joe Buck Yourself (Hank 3) and The Goddamn Gallows! ... more


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