On A Killing Spree!

by Danny Ramirez

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Danny's 2005 tape


released April 11, 2005

Songs recorded at the Ramirez Recording Room in January, February, March and April 2005.

Used were a Yamaha MT100II 4-track cassette recorder, an acoustic guitar of Taiwanese origin, D'Addario strings (1.09 to 0.71 millimetres/.043 to .028 inches), Fender and Jim Dunlop picks, a Technics sx-KN3000 keyboard, a cheap microphone and a Shure PG-57 microphone.

Mixed 6 April 2005 at the Ramirez Recording Room, using a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder and a JVC KD-A2 cassette deck. Digitalized 17 October 2016, using 2 tracks of a 4-track Yamaha MT100II cassette recorder and Audacity.

Cover: re-usage of the inverted pentagram as drawn by Danny for his July 1998 debut tape, but altered by adding 7 supposed gun shot holes (one for each song on this tape).



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Danny Ramirez Leiden, Netherlands

Danny Ramirez is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlanda, who started June 2, 1998! He plays acoustic songs with lyrics about the darker side of the mind and mankind! Back With A Dungeon! is his first release since a 2012 online compilation Ramirez song! Over the years Danny released the 2016 download, a X-mas download EP, 3 full-length CD's, 7 tapes and 1 DVD, and was on 4 compilation albums! ... more

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Track Name: I'm Trigger-Happy And I Don't Give A Damn!
I'm trigger-happy and I don't give a damn
That I bring carnage and bloodloss
Out on the street with a gun in my hand
Ready to kill with brute force

The ignorant think that I'm insane
But there is nothing wrong with my brain
In fact I feel more sane than ever before
And I will make 'em welter in gore
I gonna make 'em welter in gore

I'm trigger-happy and I don't give a damn
That I bring carnage and bloodloss
Killing at random and without repent
Accepting whatever the loss

There's bodies and blood on the street
When I am done with my killing spree
After it all you might think I feel fine
But it was nobody's blood but mine

'This is the first song written for as well as the opening song of the On A Killing Spree!-tape, and a fast, short one -- just like emptying a gun on the street mostly only takes little time -- but it never was on the set list. The music of the song is very much inspired by the U.S. punk rock band Bad Religion. I even reproduced the opening bass drum beats at the beginning of their 1989 No Control album to open the Killing Spree!-tape with, while the final chords of I'm Trigger-Happy! were stolen from a Bad Religion song ending. The lyrics are about a guy shooting up a crowded street for no apparent reason, but in the final line the mass murderer claims he made his own blood flow by causing a massacre. Now that’s a metaphor!'
Track Name: When Innocent People Get Shot!
In silence I walk the sstreet
Trying to suppress the need
To pull out my gun
And to get it on

Ready to injure and murder at will
Gallons of blood will flow as I kill
There will be panick and carnage won't stop
When innocent people get shot

I'm about to make my day
I kill whoever's in my way
I pull out my gun
And bring death to anyone


'This one tells of someone walking the streets armed, and fighting against the need to pull out his gun and start shooting around. In the second verse it gets clear the need is stronger than common sense, killing innocent people at random as a result. The second line in the chorus reminds me of a vocal line that would have been sung better by Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Nevertheless, it got played a few times at concerts between 2005 and February 15, 2008.'
Track Name: Now I Am Driven To Kill!
First I shot my parents, then I took their car
Now I am driven to kill
With murder on my mind and bullets in my gun
It is killing spree fever I feel

With the passenger's seat window down
I go from town to town
Aiming my gun when I feel like
And firing when I slowly drive by

I've got little time left to take death to town
Cops do follow in my wake
I've got nothing to lose, it's already too late now
It's how many more lives I will take


'This guy kills his parents, takes the familycar and fires his gun at anyone through the open car window. In the second verse he is followed by the cops already, but it takes a lot more lives before he will be stopped. Driven To Kill! has been played live on acoustic guitar at 5-10 gigs from 2005 until 2008, as well as with instrumental backing in Autumn 2009 and maybe in 2010. The song appeared once again on the set list on 13 January 2017. It Is The Killing Spree Season!, When Innocent People Get Shot! and this one are the only songs of the On A Killing Spree!-tape that have been done at Ramirez concerts.'
Track Name: I’ve Got Enough Guns To Take Control!
I'm die hard member of the NRA
I read my Guns & Ammo ev'ry single day
I've collected all sorts of guns I never use
But this time something's different 'cause I go on the loose

I've got enough guns to take control
Of the city that I once called my home
I renounce the rules by which I live
I'm all about to take and not to give

Guns and ammunition will fulfil my needs
All of my pockets filled with bullets when I roam the streets
I will open fire on a crowded square
Then I'll flee the scene to strike somewhere else
Today I'm ev'rywhere


'Some lyrics I already had for two years finally ended up in this song about some collector of guns who one day decides to become an outlaw and empties his guns on the innocent. A bit like It Is The Killing Spree Season!, yet this killer is on foot instead of by car. The rhythm and chord strumming in this song differ much from the usual Danny Ramirez tunes and with the vocal melodies seem to have been inspired by Glenn Danzig.'
Track Name: Now I Put On My Camouflage Suit!
Now I put on my camouflage suit
And bring my rage into the neighbourhood
200 bullets and 2 guns will do
To get rid of all of you

So when you encounter me
On this bloody massacre day
You'll be on the ground to bleed
Before you can get away


And when you wanna live on
There is nothing I can do
Just put your head to the gun
I will put the bullet through

After the first one is down
There are many more to expire
Bathing in blood on the ground
Until the last bullet is fired


'The April 2002 Danny Ramirez song Guns And Killing Spree Feelings Do Not Mix Together! inspired the lyrics for this one, and I also used some of its lines. Camouflage Suit! is about some dude putting on his military clothing and firing in the streets with two handguns. I needed one more song to make the Killing Spree!-tape 15 minutes long, and started recordings the day after it was written. So it's kind of a filler track.'
Track Name: It Is The Killing Spree Season!
It is the killing spree season
So one of these days I will go
And shoot around with no reason
But freeing some more people's souls
When I ponder society
I see modern-day savagery
And there's only one way, you see
To put an end to this mockery

I'll take all of my guns and get into my car
Then it's off to the parking lot of a shoping mall
When I've emptied my first gun I will move on
Spraying lead where I please and I've only just begun

It might be quite unexpected
Being innocently shot on the street
Maybe one day I'll regret it
For now killing is what I need
The hour is getting near
I will spread terror and fear
Dead bodies lay all around
When I head for more killing grounds


'This is a song about some guy who starts killing people randomly for no other reason but to free their souls. He does so ‘cause of his discontent with modern-day society and loads his guns in his car, driving off to parking lots and other crowded spaces. When I had recorded this song, I really thought there should be a pedal steel guitar solo in it. So I connected my keyboard and did just that. It really fits the atmosphere of this laid back song. Killing Spree Season! has been done live on acoustic guitar at a handful of dates from 2005 until February 15, 2008, as well as a few times with instrumental backing in 2009 and 2010.'
Track Name: Until I've Run Out Of Ammunition!
Over the past years I tried
Not to get too vengeful inside
But now the pressure's getting too high
And innocent people will die

I take my gun, I feel the need
I am on a mission
I shoot around in the street
Until I've run out off ammunition

With misanthropy on my mind
A discontempt towards mankind
My judgment day will arrive
I'm about to take a dozen lives


'This one is about a guy who tried to ignore the rage against the world he felt inside and worked hard to live a normal life. Eventually the pressure’s getting too much and as a result a killing spree is what will happen. In the song the killer is on the verge of exploding into half an hour of ruthless violence, deciding only to stop after having used up all of his bullets. While creating the mix for the master tape I slowed down the speed of the 4-track recorder at the end of the song, so it really sounds like there is nothing left. Until! concludes the Killing Spree!-tape, and like most of the songs on it never made it to the live set list.'